Thursday, May 20, 2010

How to Delete Blogger Navigational Bar of ur Blogs

Blogger comes with a default navigation bar.This blogger navigaton bar may not be present in most of the templates.But if you are using a default blogger template,then you will see some navigation bars like the one in this picture.These navigation bars can be removed using some simple CSS techniques.

Here are the steps to remove the Blogger Navigation bar /Blogger Nav Bar
1. Login to your blogger account

2.From your Dashboard opt for Layout

3.Now choose Edit Html

4.You will see your template code there.

5.In that template code find



replace it with

#navbar-iframe,#navbar { display: none !important; } ]]>

6.Now opt for SaveTemplate.

7.After saving the template take a look at your template and your blogger navigation bar must have disappeared.

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