Thursday, May 20, 2010

How to remove navbar from my blog?

you don't actually remove it--you hide it. The tutorial above is for the old blog templates. Instructions for how to show the navbar again are told last. Here is how you do it with new blog templates:

1) Start the Template Designer. 
2) When the Template Designer finishes loading, click on "Advanced" in the left column. 
3) Then scroll down to the bottom of the advanced options and click on "Add CSS". A white text-box appears on the right.
4) Type the following text into the white text-box:

#navbar {
display: none;

5) Click on the orange button that says "APPLY TO BLOG".
6) Click on "View Blog" to open your blog and verify that the changes to the navbar have worked.

Once you complete this process, you can only show the navbar again by repeating these steps, and instead of entering the text in Step 4, you will need to remove the text you entered in Step 4.

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